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Global Energy Quiz

How much do you know about the future of coal? Here’s a chance to gauge your understanding and learn more. Plus, by completing…

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Press Releases

Sulzer offers exchange wheel sets for mine haul trucks

Mining operations run continuously and any time for maintenance needs to be minimized. One of the major…

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Industrial gas turbine rotor repair – What does it take?

The power generation industry is under constant pressure to meet fluctuating energy requirements due…

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Sulzer to showcase latest turbine components at POWER-GEN International Show 2016

Sulzer will be one of the prominent exhibitors at POWER-GEN International (Dec. 13 – 15) in Orlando,…

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New steam turbine repair facility in Piedmont expands Sulzer’s network capability

Sulzer’s extensive repair facilities have been further enhanced with the ability to refurbish small…

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Sulzer expands facility capability with new lathe

Industrial gas turbines are increasing in size. As a result of this, repair facilities that overhaul…

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