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Press Releases

Sargent & Lundy to Present on Regional Haze Rule Second Implementation Period

December 21, 2018 – Join Sargent & Lundy for an expert-led webinar, Regional Haze Rule Second…

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METTLER TOLEDO’s Foundation Fieldbus Version of Its M400 Transmitter Allows Remote Monitoring of Sensors

METTLER TOLEDO has launched its M400 transmitter with Foundation Fieldbus protocol. M400 is a multi-parameter,…

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Sargent & Lundy Contributes to Industry Standard Technical Handbook for Chemical Engineers

November 7, 2018- Sargent & Lundy’s Matthew Heermann, P.E. (IL) recently contributed his industry…

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Cycle chemistry is of vital importance in power plants of all types, and the key to cycle chemistry…

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Sargent & Lundy Leads the Way in Regional Haze Rule Compliance Strategies

September 26, 2018 – Sargent & Lundy is at the forefront helping develop and apply methodologies…

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