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POWER's Gas Top Plant Winners

This year, POWER Magazine awarded Linden Generating Station and Chivasso Combined Cycle Power Plant as Gas Top Plant winners.

Global Energy Quiz

How much do you know about the future of coal? Here’s a chance to gauge your understanding and learn more. Plus, by completing…

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Press Releases

Sulzer’s at-speed balancing facility achieves 20 years in service

Since September 1996, the at-speed balancing bunker in Sulzer’s Houston Service Center has been performing…

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Maximizing pump efficiency through reduced corrosion and erosion

Industrial processes across the globe require pumps to operate reliably and efficiently. The latest…

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Gas-powered generator emissions problems solved with automated controller

Landfill gas is growing as a source of renewable energy, but the owners of waste storage sites are governed…

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Sulzer offers exchange wheel sets for mine haul trucks

Mining operations run continuously and any time for maintenance needs to be minimized. One of the major…

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Industrial gas turbine rotor repair – What does it take?

The power generation industry is under constant pressure to meet fluctuating energy requirements due…

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