4 Major Reasons Power and Utilities Should Work in the Cloud


From old-school switches to magnetic storage systems, power and utilities have often relied on dated, yet proven technology to ensure consistent service for their customers. It’s time for power and utilities to move to the cloud. Using cloud infrastructure – that is, remotely accessing hardware and software via virtual machines – has never been easier. Here are 4 major reasons every power utility should be working in the cloud:

1. It’s cost-effective

By relying on remote infrastructure, moving to the cloud saves organizations major upfront hardware and software purchasing costs. No more lengthy installation process. Simply spin up an image and start working!

2. Security & reliability

If your organization opts for pre-hardened virtual machines such as CIS Hardened Images, you can start secure and stay secure knowing your cloud infrastructure is compliant with the latest security recommendations. Cloud providers such as Amazon Marketplace, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform can all attest to their reliable up-time – essential for ensuring service continuity.

3. Efficiency

Cloud infrastructure scales with your organization. Need more servers? Spin up a new server in minutes. Need fewer? It’s easy to scale down, too. By using virtual machines, your organization’s digital footprint can grow with you in real-time, creating greater business efficiencies.

4. Innovation

What could your organization do with the cloud? From integrating APIs to incorporating IoT devices, the possibilities are endless. Moving to the cloud often allows organizations to create new applications which enhance business functions.

If your organization hasn’t made the move to the cloud, now’s the ideal time! Request a free credit* to try a CIS Hardened Image on AWS Marketplace or Google Cloud Platform.

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