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Global Energy Quiz

How much do you know about the future of coal? Here’s a chance to gauge your understanding and learn more. Plus, by completing…

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Press Releases

Minimizing running costs for pumps in gas turbine power generation

Large scale, high performance pumps have traditionally been designed to meet the specifications of a…

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Sulzer Appoints Jim Mugford as Head of Electro Mechanical Services

Jim Mugford has been appointed President and Global Head of Sulzer’s electromechanical services business.…

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Sulzer breathes new life into older pumps with reverse engineering

Large pumps have generally been designed to perform for decades, making them a valuable asset that requires…

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Reverse engineering cuts OEM repair time by 66%

Downtime in the steel industry can be a very costly experience, so minimizing the completion time for…

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Keep on Turning

Power generation plants need to operate as efficiently as possible in order to keep up with the growing…

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