[VIDEO] Durable CPVC Pipes for Industrial Use

Corzan HP Pipe

Corzan® HP pipe and fittings builds on the tradition and dependability of Lubrizol CPVC, is available up to 8” diameter, and boasts a 25 percent higher pressure rating than standard CPVC at 180°F (82°C). It is also the only fully pressure-rated schedule 40/80 piping system on the market today.

Corzan HP is available in select regions around the globe, and was most recently introduced to the Indian market through our business partner – Astral PolyTechnik Limited.

With Corzan HP pipe, you get all the benefits of traditional Corzan piping, including third-party certification of the higher cell class of 24448. So don't take chances with a piping system that's not up to the challenges of your application. Make the choice with confidence - specify Corzan HP pipe and fittings.

Let us guide you to the right product to meet your unique needs. Contact us for more information and to find a piping system specialist.

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