Pioneer PSEG Improves Performance, Lowers Costs

Creating Insights That Drive More Profitable Decisions

PSEG, one of the 10 largest electric companies in the U.S. and New Jersey’s largest provider of electric and gas service, is faced with providing economic and reliable power as demand and fuel prices fluctuate, while maintaining a profitable business. At the same time, PSEG leadership recognized the value of leveraging data from their plants to make more informed decisions about operations and market opportunities. Through digital, PSEG is now realizing the following outcomes:
      • Achieved top quartile in heat rate and reduced production costs
      • Minimized fuel start costs
      • Improved reliability by 1% year 1 = $2MM value
PSEG improved performance with an integrated view that puts the plant manager and their trading counterpart on the same page, increasing operational flexibility and reliability.

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