A Powerful Tool for Rapid Transmitter Configuration

Simplifying Water Panel Configuration Across Multiple Transmitters and Panels

Ensuring accurate, consistent setup of multiple water panel transmitters is a time-consuming, manual process that is prone to errors.

To simplify this task, and reduce the risk of mistakes when trying to manually transfer the same configuration across multiple transmitters, METTLER TOLEDO has introduced the free Transmitter Configuration Tool (TCT) with its M800, M400, M300 and M200 transmitters. The TCT allows you to program a master transmitter and then transfer that configuration to multiple transmitters via their USB ports.

Pure and ultrapure water systems often require several transmitters on each panel to monitor the various measurements needed to effectively manage water purification. Typically, each of these transmitters needs to be individually programmed manually through a tedious, time-consuming, button-pushing process. And this series of configuration steps needs to be followed on each transmitter any time an update is required.

Entering a repeated sequence of button-pushes creates a risk of human error, which can be compounded when multiple application engineers are configuring multiple transmitters with their own operator preferences.

With the TCT you can simply take your laptop to a transmitter, plug in a cable and download the configuration from one instrument onto your computer. Then you can quickly upload that configuration to any transmitter where it is required, be it on one or multiple panels.

Alternatively, you can program a transmitter at your desk, and then store that configuration and bring it to all of your transmitters in the field. This is a time-saving solution for system fabricators, system integrators and any key transmitter users.

Watch our Water Panel Tips video on Fast, Error-Free Transmitter Configuration:

In addition, with the TCT for the M800, M400, M300 and M200 you can save multiple water panel transmitter configurations to your computer to build a library of configurations for each specific application, or as backup in case of system failure.

Read about the TCT in our free application note below:


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