Advanced On-Line Sodium Measurement for Power Plants

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Monitoring cation exchange performance and the purity of power makeup water, steam and condensate has benefitted from measurement of this key parameter. Ion-selective electrode method has been refined for these applications over the period and is now enhanced with intelligent sensor capabilities.

Sodium instrument design, selection, installation, operation, calibration options and maintenance must all be optimized to achieve results to support excellence in chemistry management and corrosion prevention.

Watch video from the Process Analytics channel about On-line Sodium Analyzer for Power Plant Water Chemistry.

Read more about improvements to sodium measurement technology including a combination electrode system that measures pH as well as sodium to assure proper reagent delivery in our white paper.

Download the White Paper

The White Paper highlights:

  • How system design minimizes reagent consumption and reduces maintenance requirements
  • How this system uses a simple automatic calibration method to save operator time
  • How the design provides the ability to measure grab samples easily

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