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Reduce boiler corrosion and chemical costs with accurate pH measurement.

Cycle chemistry is of paramount importance in power plants of all types. Minimizing corrosion, maximizing profit, and ensuring personnel safety all rely on precise monitoring and control of chemical dosing. Key to cycle chemistry efficiency is tight pH control.

Managing a constant supply of high-purity water requires continuous monitoring of pH with equipment that gives real-time results at optimal accuracy levels. This allows for quick responsiveness to pH chemical dosing to eliminate adverse conditions that can cause corrosion in expensive equipment such as boilers and turbines.

In this white paper on pH chemical dosing, METTLER TOLEDO Thornton's pH specialist discusses the variables that can affect the metallurgy of a power plant's water system, from makeup water, steam and feed water, to blowdown, condensate water, cooling tower water and effluent water.

The white paper then discusses the importance of pH measurement for avoiding corrosive conditions, and the effectiveness of different pH sensor technologies for ensuring accurate measurement. Finally, it looks at how multiple analytical measurements can be gathered from a water system on one multi-parameter instrument, for reliable monitoring of the system's metallurgic characteristics.

Download the white paper to learn how accurate pH chemical dosing is the result of effective monitoring with the right equipment, and how, with precise measurement, pH chemical dosing costs can be reduced and corrosion of expensive equipment, minimized.

Download the White Paper

The METTLER TOLEDO M800 transmitter is designed for pure water analytics. It monitors up to four sensors in any combination of pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and TOC. The M800 displays predictive sensor diagnostic information such as the Adaptive Calibration Timer, and offers a Dynamic Lifetime Indicator. These help with better planning of sensor maintenance programs. With the Plug and Measure feature, time and effort needed for sensor installation can be significantly reduced.

Learn more about M800: www.mt.com/m800

Visit METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics website: http://www.mt.com/pro

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