Silica Measurement in Cogeneration Combined Cycle Power Plants

Silica Measurements in Cogen to Protect Expensive Equipment and Increase Heat Exchange Efficiency

In sugar and ethanol plants, steam is generated to produce power and to provide heat for various production processes. Silica in the pure water used to generate this steam deposits in turbines and boilers, reducing heat transfer efficiency and inevitably corroding plant components.

This can lead to damage and unplanned shutdowns for repair. Such shutdowns not only stop power generation, they also disrupt sugar/ethanol production.

To avoid unplanned shutdowns and costly repairs, it is critical to monitor silica with an analyzer that has trace sensitivity to provide early warning of a rise in contamination levels so that corrective action can be taken.

The application note highlights:
  • Silica measurements in cogeneration and pure water
  • Silica in raw sugar production
  • Maximizing production through proactive on-line monitoring
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