METTLER TOLEDO’s Foundation Fieldbus Version of Its M400 Transmitter Allows Remote Monitoring of Sensors

METTLER TOLEDO has launched its M400 transmitter with Foundation Fieldbus protocol. M400 is a multi-parameter, 4-wire transmitter offering advanced control for process analytics, including predictive sensor diagnostics and compatibility with optical dissolved oxygen sensors. Foundation Fieldbus in the M400 provides BUS communication in non-hazardous production processes.

Urdorf, Switzerland – METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics announces the launch of its M400 transmitter with Foundation Fieldbus communication.

The M400 4-wire transmitter covers all common analytical parameters such as dissolved oxygen (optical and amperometric sensors), pH, and CO2 for pharmaceutical or power generation applications. A combination of touchscreen and soft keys on the front panel provides simple and reliable operation, even when wearing gloves.

M400 accepts analog sensors as well as METTLER TOLEDO’s digital Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) probes. ISM is a technology platform that uses microelectronics built-in to sensors to provide a number of features that are not available with analog probes. These include diagnostics that predict when sensor maintenance or calibration will be required. This information is available over the Foundation Fieldbus protocol for integration with asset management tools.

In addition, the output from the connected sensor can be mapped to conditions such as “good”, “bad”, or “uncertain” to reflect how well the sensor is currently operating. This provides real-time sensor information to provide confidence in measurement point performance. 

"The addition of Foundation Fieldbus provides seamless integration of sensor condition and diagnostics into process control systems,” says Helen He, Product Manager at METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics. ”Allowing easy remote monitoring of analytical measurement points."

For more information on the M400, contact: joanna.peplak@mt.com, or visit: www.mt.com/M400, www.mt.com/M400video

 About METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics

METTLER TOLEDO's Process Analytics division develops and manufactures instrumentation and sensors used for process measurement and control, offering measurements of pH, dissolved and gaseous oxygen, dissolved ozone, turbidity, oxygen reduction potential, resistivity/conductivity, total organic carbon and flow. METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics consists of two business units, Ingold and Thornton, whose products are commonly used in industries such as:

• Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

• Chemical process and refining industries

• Brewing, food and beverage production

• Power and steam generation plants

• Microelectronics manufacturing

For additional information, visit http://www.mt.com/pro

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