Announcing: SAWHORSE - Among the first 'Safety Everywhere' initiatives in industrial safety

Dear friends and colleagues,

It's no small secret we at National Steel City obsess over safety - constantly thinking of how to improve upon our already impeccable safety record. Today, we are proud to launch a game-changing initiative in industrial corporate safety: SAWHORSE.

Safety At Work, Home, Office, Recreation, Safety Everywhere is a dynamic awareness program designed to heighten education and awareness, as well as foster a culture of safety, for our employees no matter where they are: from office or project work sites, in recreational environments, or at home.

By instilling a culture of safety awareness, our employees will continue to make smarter safety decisions wherever they may be. From SAWHORSE safety ideas and tips printed on pay stubs to 24/7 security training by specialists from FDRsafety, our goal is to keep our employees ‘always-on’ and safety top-of-mind.

Looking ahead to 2015, National Steel City will maintain its focus on the nation’s Electric Utility industry. Our work scope includes:

•        Turbine buildings associated with Gas-Fired Simple and Combined Cycle units;
•        Installation of Heat Recovery Steam Generators;
•        Installation of Air Cooled Condensers;
•        Heavy Haul and Rigging Installation Packages;
•        Major equipment setting packages, including: Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Transformers; and
•        Continued support of environmental compliance projects.

Heading to Electric Power April 21-23 in Chicago? My team and I look forward to seeing you. You will find us in Booth #1007 and get stamped to win a new Harley!

To continued success in 2015!

~ Bob

Bob Dunn
Chief Executive Officer
National Steel City


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Announcing: SAWHORSE - Among the first 'Safety Everywhere' initiatives in industrial safety

National Steel City is proud to launch SAWHORSE: Safety At Work, Home, Office, Recreation, Safety Everywhere…

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