Controlling the emissions of a gas-powered generator

Sulzer bannerSulzer predictive air-fuel ratio controllerOwners and operators of landfill sites can use the landfill gas to power generators and create energy to be sold to the local grid. However, the regulations relating to the emissions generated by these facilities are being tightened and sites with manual fuel adjustment may struggle to comply in the future. Fortunately, a solution has been developed by Sulzer that not only regulates the emissions, it can also improve fuel efficiency and minimize the payback period.

Utilities that operate landfill sites are required to collect the gas and either burn it off or use it to generate electricity as part of their contribution to renewable sources of energy. Some older installations are equipped with engines that have little or no automation of the air-fuel ratio and are therefore susceptible to exceeding local emissions regulations.

The methane content of landfill gas fluctuates and this affects the available power as well as the emissions, especially if the air-fuel ratio is adjusted manually. Introducing automated control delivers significant improvements in fuel efficiency as well as regulating the emissions within local standards.

The solution from Sulzer uses multiple data points to regulate the air-fuel ratio and optimize the performance of the engine. In addition, the controller can monitor critical parameters, such as oil pressure and coolant temperature and initiate a shutdown to avoid any damage to the generator.

Download the PDF below to learn more about how the team from Sulzer was able to put together a cost effective solution to enable an air-fuel ratio controlled engine to remain within the compliance regulations 24/7.

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