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The number of industrial gas turbines in service continues to rise along with the technology that has significantly evolved over the last 50 years to meet ever-increasing demands. At the same time, turbine operators are looking for the most cost effective way to maintain their equipment, ensuring that it meets local emissions standards and delivers reliable service.

In order to select the most adept repair specialist, it is important to understand the maintenance and repair process, to scrutinize the facilities, equipment, expertise and precision that are required not only for maintenance, but also for highly-specialized repairs. Turbine operators require a one-stop service facility where maintenance providers are capable of delivering a complete repair.

As the average size of gas turbines continues to increase, so the equipment used during the repair process needs to be of sufficient scale to handle these components. Sulzer continues to invest in equipment and staff to ensure that it keeps pace with the growing needs of its customers. The most recent acquisition is a state-of-the-art lathe which has a 198,000 lbs. capacity.

Gas turbine repair and maintenance is a complex undertaking and requires a huge amount of support from specialist machining to new blade manufacture and the application of specialized coatings. The most crucial aspect is speed and minimizing downtime, which can be achieved by selecting a maintenance partner that has the capacity and expertise to deliver the project on time.

Download the PDF below for more information on Sulzer’s processes and facilities for industrial gas turbine rotor repair.

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