Sulzer expands facility capability with new lathe

Industrial gas turbines are increasing in size. As a result of this, repair facilities that overhaul and repair these machines must keep pace. One of the key tools is a large lathe. As one of the leading industrial gas turbine and rotor repair providers in the world, Sulzer has recently upgraded its service center in La Porte, near Houston, Texas, by installing a new, state-of-the-art, large and versatile lathe. With the addition of this modern equipment, the facility, Sulzer’s largest for rotating equipment repair, offers complete repair and balancing services for the world’s largest industrial gas turbines. The new lathe was constructed based on current designs of large gas turbine rotors. Specifically designed for versatility and to accommodate the most modern turbine rotors, the lathe has a 200,000 lbs. capacity, with a 76 foot (23 meters) over bedway and a 14 foot (4.25 meters) swing. The new lathe complements the other state-of-the-art machines, including a large, low-speed dynamic balancing machine with a 200,000 lbs. capacity and a vertical stacking system that is designed to protect valuable rotors and the technicians working on these rotor repairs. The combination and arrangement of this cutting-edge equipment, makes the most efficient use of the workshop space and speeds up the workflow by reducing the time required to repair a rotor. Billy Bottera, Manager of Gas Turbine Rotor Repairs, comments: “This large lathe significantly improves the workflow in our turbine rotor repair bay, allowing us to streamline work on larger turbines. Its versatile design will ensure that the final machining operations are completed more efficiently by alleviating previous bottle-necks in the system.”      

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