Zero Leak Seals for Primary Fuel Nozzles

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Minimizing Your Risk Through Reliable Services

Performance-critical equipment needs reliable and innovative repair and maintenance solutions. Sulzer is the leading service provider for rotating equipment including turbines, compressors, pumps, generators and motors.

Founded in 1834, Sulzer is a global company with over 150 locations.

The Houston Service Center, located in La Porte, Texas, is our largest facility and specializes in high-quality, cost-effective, customized solutions for maintenance and repairs of all makes and models of turbomachinery. We help you keep your equipment operating and peak efficiency. Every solution is unique and tailored to the equipment needs of each application.

Houston Service Center, La Porte, Texas Facility
    • Complete services for all turbomachinery equipment
    • 24/7 emergency response
    • 277,000 ft 2 air-conditioned workshop space
    • Overhead crane capacity of 100 tons
    • ISO Certification 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and OSASA 18001:2007
Services (Click below to expand service features)
    Industrial Gas Turbines, Rotors and All Components
        • Repairs, Inspections, Analyses and Overhauls
        • Vertical Stacker to Protect Equipment and Personnel
        • Refurbishments, Reblading, Disk and Wheel Replacement
        • Performance Restoration
        • Parts Replacement Including Blade Manufacturing, Nozzle, Shroud, Bucket, Combustion Liner and Transition Pieces
        • Digital X-Ray Machine and Flow Testing
        • High-Speed and Low-Speed Dynamic Balancing
        • Full Metallurgical Lab
    Industrial Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzles
        • Repairs, Inspections, Analyses and Overhauls
        • Unique Repair Techniques
        • Air and Liquid Flow Testing
        • Digital X-Ray for Internal Anomalies
        • Ultrasonic Cleaning
    Steam Turbines
        • Repairs, Inspections, Analyses and Overhauls
        • Refurbishments, Reblading, Disk Reconstruction
        • Partial and Complete Rotor Restoration and Manufacturing
        • Reverse Engineering of Critical Parts
        • Parts Replacement Including Blade Manufacturing
        • High-Speed and Low-Speed Dynamic Balancing
        • Protective Coatings
        • Bearing and Seal Replacement, Rerates and Modernization
    Axial, Centrifugal and Screw Compressors and Hot Gas Expanders
        • Rotor repairs, Inspections, Analyses, Overhaul
        • Performance Upgrades and Reapplication
        • Parts Replacement including Blade and Impeller Manufacturing
        • Protective Coatings
        • High-Speed and Low-Speed Rotor Balancing
        • Bearing and Seal Replacement and Upgrades
    Engineering and Reverse Engineering
        • Reverse Engineering and Performance Upgrades
        • Modal Analyses, FEA, Aerodynamic Analyses, a Full Complement of Engineering Services
        • Laser Scanning
        • Project Management
        • Specialized Customer Training
    Specialized Shop and Field Capabilities
        • Specialized Machining and Welding Services
        • Turning, Boring, Milling, Grinding and CNC Centers
        • Rotor and Diaphragm Restoration
        • In-Situ Machining
    Specialized Coatings
        • Plasma Coatings
        • HVOF Coatings
        • Anti-Wear Coatings
        • Thermal Barrier Coatings
        • Dimensional Restoration Coatings
        • Corrosion Protective Coatings
        • All Coatings Provide Life Extension and/or Enhanced Equipment Perfomance
    Turnkey Field Services, Testing and Machining
        • Testing, Component Repairs, Inspections, Analyses and Overhauls
        • 24/7 Emergency Response
        • Highly-Skilled Engineers
        • Experienced Field Services Teams
        • Fully Equipped Mobile Field Tool Units for Field Machining
        • On-Site Installation and Commissioning
        • On-Site Field Maching Capabilities
        • Laser and Optical Alighnment
        • Vibration Analyses
        • Technical Services Support

Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Inc.
Houston (Old La Porte Rd) Service Center
11518 Old La Porte Road
La Porte TX 77571

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